Making a beginning with small follow lines shares, our position is now consolidated. We are constantly striving to find reinsurers who understand the Indian market and are ready to forge long-term relationships.

Proportional and Non-Proportional Treaties
We are in constant touch with Reinsurers and also travel extensively to all the regions and cities where there are Reinsurers thus get a first hand knowledge of the market- of the capacities and in-depth knowledge of the market trends.

Our meetings with various Ceding companies has helped us to get more knowledge of their individual portfolios and gain their confidence.

We are ready to harness this skill and knowledge to understand your business plans and provide effective reinsurance arrangements to support it with.

We can also leverage these relationships and updated information to arrange for Lead Terms for both Proportional and Non Proportional Treaties.

With the understanding of the growing and changing needs of the Insurance industry/field we have now reached a position where we can arrange Lead Terms for not only the Traditional treaties that Insurance Companies have had over the years but also when there is a need for additional and sudden capacity such as a Back up Cover for CAT risks., specific portfolio treaties which can create additional capacities.

We strive to ensure that the placements routed through us are with recognized and standard securities in the international market.

Our exposure following dealings with Insurance Companies all over Middle East and the Indian subcontinent as well as Far Eastern countries gives us an insight into various practices and requirements to come up suggestions/modification of RI programs.

We believe in focused and single-minded commitment to our clients and ensure transparent and dedicated servicing of business. We would like to ensure that we are there for you throughout the period of the contract- be it in claims servicing, delivering documents, providing replies to inquiries and resolving issues if any without any hardship for the Cedants/clients.