Heritage has many firsts to its Credit

We were involved with the Facultative RI placement of Excess cover for one of the leading Steel Industries in India - and had monitored the Policy drafting for the project including the first ever Marine DSU cover.

A specific cover for the first ever barge mounted power plant in India was designed and we were able to get competitive terms and also place the cover in the international market.

We have been involved in the placements and providing Lead terms for some of the Major Petrochemical and Energy risks of India and for some of them even from the Construction Stage we had been involved in placement of the risk following the Leaders terms.

We have been involved with our international associates in placement of the largest Energy Package Policy for the Indian Market being the lead brokers and have also been able to service one of the largest claims under this Policy.

We have been able to procure Lead terms for Terrorism cover along with our Associates in London, even during difficult times and when the markets had hardened.