Liability Insurance
With the spread of business and new service oriented organizations coming into the economy and the right of the consumers becoming all important – the exposure to third party liabilities is causing concern to the entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

Legal Liabilities could arise from different circumstances and the time lag between the actual error or accident and the manifestation of the damage and the consequent legal claim can be very long. Hence continuous protection from third party claims is prudent.

Insurance Companies have recognized this and the number of Legal Liability Policies have increased- but which would be the right one for the organization and who can be the best provider for such covers – these are questions that one has to make. Heritage is well equipped with executives who understand these covers and can help make the most suitable choice of covers.

Our experience in handling such insurances will help in

  • Understanding the clients exposures,
  • Sifting through the legal contracts – to identify the risks and type of cover required,
  • And match it to the Insurance Policies that are available in the Indian Market or overseas,
  • And ensure that the clients get the most competitive and highly responsive insurance policies.
For details of different Liability covers available in the market and the types of customers it is useful for, click here.