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Direct Broking


Today, the market’s flooded with numerous life insurance products but these contracts are either pure or a combination or modification of three basic types of life assurance policies namely term (or temporary), whole life or endowment which is a contract payable at a maturity date (on expiry of a “fixed” term, say 15, 25 or 35 years) or on death, whichever is earlier. Heritage offers customized Life insurance plans that help you meet your requirements as and when the need arises. Not just financial security, our plans even help in beating tax. Summing up, peace of mind is a benefits you derive whiles dealing with Heritage.


There are a large number of products available in the General Insurance sector. Some of the more common ones like vehicle insurance, Fire Insurance for Property maybe familiar but even here there could be gaps about what is required to be covered and what has been covered by Insurance. Also post detariffing (1st Jan 2007) even these familiar covers need guidance as the rate of premium is no longer common to all insurers, so understanding whether one is paying the right price for the cover becomes imperative and needs professional assistance.

HIBL with its experience in the Indian Market and access to the International Reinsurers, can understand and represent your interests in a professional manner, highlighting the good and unique features, suggesting steps for Loss control and prevention, and deal with the best of the Insurance providers in the field for each sector, to get you the required Insurance protection at effective prices.

For your convenience and easy reference we are classifying the various products into the following Broad Categories-


  • Property
  • Package